10 Ways to optimize your podcast

It is quite remarkable that so many people are consuming podcasts today. Statistics show 63% of the Canadian population is familiar with the term “podcasting” 36% listened to a podcast in the last month 23% listened to a podcast in the last week This social platform is versatile, which allows it to be used everywhereContinue reading “10 Ways to optimize your podcast”

Adventures with an DSLR camera

I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer, but yet here I am, taking photos and writing stories. I find myself grabbing my camera and taking it with me wherever I go. Whether it’s to a friends house, the gym, or on a walk with my dog, I’m always carrying my SLR camera with me.Continue reading “Adventures with an DSLR camera”

Hello! Friends, I am testing the new Go Pro 9 black

My experience was complicated. I have used all of the Go Pro’s in the series. The menu was very difficult to navigate, connectivity wasn’t simple. I had to watch more than 1 tutorial video to download the data from your video camera. Has this been an experience you have had? What is a good resourceContinue reading “Hello! Friends, I am testing the new Go Pro 9 black”