Adventures with an DSLR camera

I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer, but yet here I am, taking photos and writing stories. I find myself grabbing my camera and taking it with me wherever I go. Whether it’s to a friends house, the gym, or on a walk with my dog, I’m always carrying my SLR camera with me. It’s been a conversation starter for many, and has proven to be valuable in more than a handful of occasions.

One time at the park I saw a young man practicing skateboarding . Without hesitation, I started clicking away at the intense effort to land the trick. So many wonderful memories were caught on film. Afterwards I went up to the young man, congratulated him, on landing his trick and offered to send him some photos. He was overjoyed and welcomed my spurious intrusion of camera clicks. In exchange, he bought me lunch and shared his story. I was so touched by his adventures.

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